Pursuing All People | Asia

February 24 – March 3, 2024

“All the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the LORD, and all the families of the nations shall worship before you.” Psalm 22:27

 Each year we set aside time to focus on God’s call to make disciples of all nations. This year’s Global Missions Conference, “Pursuing All People,” focuses on the work that God is doing specifically in Asia. The first weekend of the conference will highlight local missions efforts, and the second weekend will focus on national and international efforts.

Missions Offering | Project 22:27

In Acts 19 we’re told that Paul reasoned daily in the halls, and “This continued for two years, so that all the residents of Asia heard the word of the Lord, both Jews and Greeks” (Acts 19:10). “Asia” in the New Testament, refers to the Roman province on the far western side of Asia Minor, which is modern day Turkey. As we understand today, Asia extends much further than the 1st century world understood. Our prayer is that all the residents of Asia will not only hear the word of the Lord, but turn to the Lord and worship the one true God through his son Jesus. This conviction comes, in part, based on Psalm 22:27, “All the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the LORD, and all the families of the nations shall worship before you.” Hence the name Project 22:27. 

    Missions Prayer Guide

    We encourage you to use the online prayer guide to pray for our missionaries throughout the year. You may also join a missionary’s group to become part of their team to receive ongoing updates.

    Short Term Mission Trips

    Short term mission trips serve two important purposes. They allow us to minister to the world, and they minister to the people serving by expanding their worldview and using their God-given gifts.  We have seen over and over in the life of this church how God develops the character and gifts of his people through these short but intensive opportunities. Learn about the trips planned for Summer 2024.

     Missions Conference Schedule

    Local Emphasis Weekend: Engaging Our Community

    Saturday, February 24

    10 a.m. –  1 p.m. | Seminar & Luncheon: Engaging Our Community Through the Church

    First Pres’s downtown presence provides us with many opportunities to reach the city of Augusta. All are invited to participate in this interactive seminar led by Justin Lonas. Justin is the Director of Foundational Products and Regional Partnerships at Chalmers Center at Covenant College and will speak on displaying mercy without perpetuating the problem in our city. We will end the seminar with table discussions where we reflect on what we’ve heard and discuss how God could use our location and our current local ministries to advance the gospel in Augusta.  Lunch is provided. Register here. Register for childcare here. To help with childcare, volunteer here

    Sunday, February 25

    8:30 & 11 a.m., 6 p.m. | Worship
    Guest Pastor: Dr. David Strain
    Dr. Strain is pastor at First Presbyterian Chuch in Jackson, Mississippi.

    10 a.m. | Sunday School

    Local missionaries will speak in Sunday School classes.

    7 p.m. | Local Missionary Cafe | The Commons
    Stay after evening worship and get to know some our local missionaries and learn about opportunities to get involved with local missions.

    National/International Emphasis: Engaging Our World


    Wednesday, February 28

    6:30 p.m. | Bridges to Missions Dinner
    Being a missionary may look different than you think. Join us for our second annual Bridges to Missions Dinner as we explore the bridges that are being used to reach communities here and around the world for the gospel. We will break into groups for deeper discussion related to specific vocations. Please select a breakout group when you register for dinner. Childcare is available. To help with childcare at this event, volunteer here.

    7 p.m. | Breakout Groups

    • Medical (Open to all Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Allied Health, and medical students) — Murphy Hall
      *Entire session will be in Murphy Hall for those involved with healthcare (dinner and break out session). 
    • Engineers/Architects — Room 112
    • Disaster Relief — Room 114
    • English as a Second Language (ESL) — Room 209
    • Business — Room 103
    Thursday, February 29

    12 p.m. | Women’s Luncheon | St. Andrew’s Hall
    This is an opportunity to hear from several of the missionary women First Pres supports. They will share stories about what God is doing in and through them to impact the areas where they serve. Guests include Connie Beasley (MTW Southeast Hub Mobilizer), Shirley Brown (Africa Inland Mission), Alli L. (supporting a church in South Asia), Kaitlyn McNair (MTW New Zealand), Biljana Sina (Global Fellowship Macedonia), and others. Register here. Childcare is available. To help with childcare at this event, volunteer here.


    Friday, March 1

    7 a.m. | Men’s Breakfast | St. Andrew’s Hall
    This is an opportunity to hear from several of the missionary men First Pres supports. They will share stories about what God is doing in and through them to impact the areas where they serve. Guests include Stan Beasley (MTW Southeast Hub Mobilizer), Roger Brown (Africa Inland Mission), David Daniel (CMDA Auburn), Pete Ketterman (CO SERVE), Peter L. (Engage International), Stephen Merwin (RUF International), Moe Montenegro (CO SERVE Thailand), Hani Mussad (The Kerygma International), Doug Nunziato (MATA), Mike Rasmussen (HopeRussia), Dardajan Sina (Global Fellowship Macedonia), Paul V. (Netivah Youth Ministries and One for Israel), Andy L. (supporting a church in South Asia), and several others. Register here.

    6:30 p.m. | Key Note Event and Global Missionary Cafe 

    Guest Speaker: Reverend Dan Iverson, MTW Japan
    The service will begin with stories from missionaries in harm’s way. Therefore, the first 30 minutes of this service will be offline to protect these missionaries. The remainder of the service will be livestreamed. Afterwards, get to know some of our national and international missionaries at the Missionary Cafe in the Commons and enjoy dessert in St. Andrew’s Hall.

     6:30 p.m. | Kids Missions Movie Night | Harmony Hall
    Children Pre-K through 5th grade will start the evening with their parents in the sanctuary, but will be dismissed for Missions Movie Night.

    Saturday, March 2

    6:30 p.m. | Parish Events with Missionaries
    The parish gatherings will allow our missionaries to share their stories in a more personal setting and provide an opportunity for you to get to know some of those that we support. Please bring an appetizer or dessert to share. Click on your parish below and register.

    Sunday, March 3

    8:30 & 11 a.m., 6 p.m. | Worship
    Guest Pastor: Rev. Dan Iverson, MTW Japan

    10 a.m. | Sunday School
    National and International Missionaries will speak in Sunday School Classes.

    6 p.m. | Children’s GLOW Conference (Go Light Our World)
    Children in Pre-K through 5th grade meet in St. Andrew’s Hall for the GLOW Conference! We will have a time of worship, hear from guest speakers, sample food, and participate in crafts and games. Wear neon or brightly colored clothing for this special GLOW event. Registration is required. 

    Conference Speakers

    Dr. David Strain

    Dr. David Strain was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He was ordained to the gospel ministry in the Free Church of Scotland in September 2003, and has held pastoral charges in London, England, and Columbus, Mississippi. David has served as Senior Minister of First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Mississippi since 2014. First Pres Jackson is similar to First Pres Augusta, boht missions minded churches, located in the south, and in cities with similar demographics and challenges.

    David holds degrees from Duncan Jordanstone College of Art, Trinity College Glasgow/School of Divinity, the Free Church of Scotland College in Edinburgh, and Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi. He was awarded a Doctor of Ministry degree from Reformed Theological Seminary (Jackson) in 2016. David and his wife, Sheena, have two teenage boys.


    Rev. Dan Iverson, MTW Japan

    Dan and Carol Iverson have served 35 years in Japan as PCA/Mission to the World missionaries. Their work has focused on evangelism, church planting, presbytery planting, starting a Christian school, and raising up missionary and Japanese leaders. Dan served as a church planter and Lead Pastor for Oyumino Presbyterian Church in a Tokyo suburb for 28 years, and as the PCA MTW Japan Country Director for the last 15 years. Carol served as Principal of Covenant Community School International for 12 years. Now based in Waynesboro, Virginia, Dan and Cathy continue to serve with MTW while also caring for struggling parents in their mid-90s. The Iversons have nine children and 35 grandchildren.