Our objective is to minister to you and your family and to lighten your burden during this time. There is no cost for members to have a funeral service at First Presbyterian Church. The church provides the use of the sanctuary, two nurseries (if requested), an organist or pianist for the service, and a room for you and your family to gather and rest before the service.

The pastor will work with you to select meaningful songs to include in the service, and we will create a program for the service.

General Policies

A funeral pall is available if desired. The white pall draped over the casket symbolizes putting on the robe of Christ’s righteousness and reminds us of our faith in the resurrection. The pall helps the congregation focus on the worship of God and the hope of the resurrection by de-emphasizing the relative expense of coffins and showing the equality of all people in Christ.

Open caskets are not allowed at First Presbyterian Church. Pictures of your loved one may be placed in the narthex if desired; however pictures and other memorabilia are not allowed in the sanctuary. 

Immediately After the Service

If you would like to have a reception or meal after the service, St. Andrew’s Hall and/or the Geneva Room are available to you at no cost. We provide water, coffee, and tea along with paper products, but the cost of the meal is your responsibility. If the meal is on Saturday or after 5:30 p.m., we ask you to cover the cost of the sexton’s time and the nursery workers’ time if nursery is requested.

For more information and to make arrangements contact Vivian Richmeier, 706.262.8849.