Mission Trips

There are two types of trips: mission trips and vision trips. On a Mission Trip, team members use their God-given gifts in specific ways, such as teaching, construction, or caring for mercy needs.

On a Vision Trip, the team observes what God is doing in a specific area and prayerfully considers how they (or our church) might further partner with these ministries. We are convinced that once you see how God is working in these regions, you will be moved to both pray and financially support these efforts.

Below are current mission trip opportunities. If you are interested in any of the trips and would like to learn more, complete the response form for that trip. This is only an interest form, not a commitment!

Do not let the cost of a trip hold you back from expressing an interest. We trust the God who calls us to go will also supply our needs as we go! We pray that God will be at work both on the mission field and in the hearts of our team members.

NOTE: If no trips are listed, that means there are none currently available. Trips are typically announced as part of the Missions Conference, so check back in the spring.