First Presbyterian Church Augusta

Commending the greatness of God in Jesus Christ to all peoples and all generations

Service Times

Sunday at 8:30 & 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Sunday School & Sunday Morning Communities
meet at 9:45 a.m.


Upcoming Events

July 14 | Where are you?

July 21 | Who told you?

July 28 | Where have you taken your hunger and thirst?

McKnight Lectures

July 14, July 21, & July 28

Many of us appear to be strong and resilient on the outside, but inside we feel fractured and disconnected from who we really are. There is a constant churn of unprocessed feelings of loneliness, grief, anger, or shame. Throughout this year’s McKnight Lectures series we will look at the questions God asks in Genesis 3: where are you, who told you, and where have you taken your hunger and thirst. As we ask ourselves these questions we will begin to understand where we are before God and how we might be hiding or disconnected from him or others. This begins an inward journey to reorient and return us to the life God created us to live. 


In dependence on God’s power and grace, we desire for our lives to reflect the vision and values of First Pres. Here are some of the stories from our members and our minstries. We pray that these stories will be an encouragement and provide practical examples of ways to be involved in Commending the Greatness of God in Jesus Christ to All Peoples and All Generations.

This is Our Story | The Parris Family
Mandy and Patrick share the impact the Hand in Hand ministry has had on their lives.

This is Our Story | The Borders
Ryan & Sarah Borders discuss their calling to the foster care system and how they’ve found a way to serve through CASA.

This is Our Story | Children’s Ministry Volunteers 
Many  volunteers share the impact serving has had on their lives. 

View more Stories of Living Out Our Vision & Values


One-Time Opportunites

We host various special events that need volunteers for success. These one-time commitments let you use your gifts to serve the church and build relationships with other members.

sunday morning communities

Being a part of a Sunday morning community is a great way to connect with others at First Pres, and we offer a variety of groups to appeal to various ages and stages of life.