First Presbyterian Church longs to be a community shaped by grace so that the broken and discouraged feel safe to move closer to others in our fellowship. We want to care for one another through formal and informal means. We do this through Shepherding, Prayer, Care Groups, Hand in Hand Disability Ministry, Counseling, and Mercy Ministries.


The shepherding approach assigns an elder or deacon to each member of the church. These officers are your first point of contact for any need you may have. In addition, we have Women’s Shepherds who assist on the care team and provide additional support. Through regular conversations, this care team will know his/her flock which will provide better communication and caring within the church. Members will also know who to contact when they have a need, whether it be a short term need such as a short-term illness, or a longer term need such as a family crisis.

When should you contact your shepherd?

The church wants to celebrate with you, encourage you, and mourn with you for large and small events. Your shepherd can pray with you, set up a meal train or find other ways to meet physical needs, provide spiritual counsel, and more. You may contact your shepherd on any of these occasions:

  • Birth or adoption of a child
  • Death of a family member
  • Short-term illness or surgery
  • Family crisis

Click below to see a list of shepherds by parish. If you don’t know who your shepherd is, contact Liz Reid.


All of us experience the need for God’s mercy in our lives at some point. For some of us, that need will be physical or financial. One of the functions of our Diaconate is to administer physical mercy (Acts 6:1-7). We believe that such mercy should always be administered in the context of relationship. 

If you are a member or regular attender of our church and have such needs,* please contact your parish deacon or any of our deacons. If you don’t personally know a deacon just ask an usher on any Sunday and they can direct you to one.

*Such needs may include, but are not limited to food, clothing, housing, medical, financial assistance, counseling, etc.

Staff Contacts

Mike Phillips, Associate Pastor of Shepherding
Erin Mills, Interim Women’s Shepherding Coordinator
Liz Reid, Discipleship & Shepherding Administrative Assistant