baptism and weddings


Baptism is a sacrament representing the work of the Holy Spirit who was poured out on God’s people to carry out his work of cleansing from sin and empowering for a new life. At First Pres, baptisms are typically done during the morning services. Before baptism, parents will meet the Associate Pastor of Worship and Community Life to further discuss the implications of baptism and raising a covenant child.


We believe marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman instituted by God for the mutual happiness of his people and for the glory of his name. As such, it is the duty of Christians to marry only in the Lord, that is, to marry fellow believers.

All couples who wish to get married at First Pres must complete a wedding questionnaire, meet with two elders for approval, complete a pre-marital counseling program, and abide by all wedding policies. Our Wedding Packet contains all the information you need to start planning your wedding at First Presbyterian Church. Please review this packet prior to contacting the wedding scheduler, Vivian Richmeier.

For more information about baptisms and weddings and to make arrangements, contact Vivian Richmeier, 706.262.8849.